Ladies of ‘The View’ Try to Gang Up and Bully Sarah Sanders – She Takes Them Down One by One

She handled this with 100% class

OPINION: Sarah Sanders is an absolute champion, folks. Not only did she have the courage to appear on the “The View,” where I’m sure she knew she’d be practically eaten alive by the hosts, but she also took their ridiculous questions one by one.

Each of the women on “The View” tried to gang up and bully Sanders, but she stood toe to toe with them and destroyed each of their arguments. The best takedown was of Joy Behar, who was desperately trying to validate the debunked claims against President Trump calling our veterans “losers.”

Behar tried to ask Sanders a “gotcha” question by asking if she was standing by Trump when he allegedly said a disparaging remark against veterans to General Kelly. Sanders answered that no she wasn’t standing directly next to the president and General Kelly, but that she knows this is not the behavior of our president. Not to mention, this incident has been debunked by Kelly himself.

Behar wasn’t having this response and threw her hands around wildly, trying to get Sarah to stop talking positively about our president.


Hats off to Sanders for handling that complete circus with class.

There were also some great responses in the comment section of this video, pointing out the crazed behavior of “The View” hosts and how well Sarah responded to their dribble:

“They don’t like it when Sarah damages the narrative they’re trying to push.”

“Watching this show is like watching a documentary about highschool bullying”

“Disgusting how they treated her. It’s funny whenever she starts talking facts they get upset and cut her off”

“Joy – Sarah stop stating facts and stats, I need to interrupt to ask one of my stupid snide questions.”

Meghan McCain: “Can I quickly interrupt and make it about myself?”

You seriously couldn’t pay me to sit down and talk to these five women.

This opinion piece was written by Sophie O’Hara on September 9, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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