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Biden Struggles to Speak at Own Event – Drowned Out by Trump Supporters Shouting ‘Four More Years’

Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden struggles to draw large crowds to his campaign events. The candidate is known to be a poor public speaker and make embarrassing gaffes on the campaign trail; that’s why his campaign has largely used the coronavirus as an excuse to keep Biden at home in his basement.

However, as election day gets closer, Biden has been forced to hold several in-person events.

One such event was crashed this weekend, when Biden attempted to speak in Ohio while being drowned out by Donald Trump supporters shouting, “Four more years!”

The video is humiliating to watch, and a sore reminder of the lack of enthusiasm surrounding the Biden campaign.

Even though many polls show Biden in a lead, what the polls do not measure is voter mobilization: How enthusiastic are voters, and how likely are they to actually show up to vote? President Trump has a famously passionate base of supporters, who will wait for hours–sometimes even days–in the rain or snow to cast their ballots. Meanwhile, “Sleepy Joe” struggles to even fill small spaces to give speeches.