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Joy Behar Mocks Trump – ‘This Guy Thinks He’s Sylvester Stallone In Rocky’

On Tuesday’s episode of the ABC talk show “The View,” cohost Joy Behar let loose on President Donald Trump, making it clear that she was not a fan of his attempts to show America that he was feeling better after returning to the White House from Walter Reed Medical Center, where he was being treated for coronavirus.

Behar took issue with Trump stepping out on the balcony of the White House to address the public following his return from the hospital.

“When I saw him running up those stairs, I thought, this guy thinks he’s Sylvester Stallone in Rocky,” Behar said as she sang some of the melody to the movie’s iconic theme song.

“Rocky was not loaded up with, let’s see, Remdesivir and Dexamethasone,” she added. “This one just got out of the hospital with a million drugs in his system. By the way, he was shaking a little bit and he couldn’t breathe. I don’t think he looked very good.”

Not stopping there, Behar went on to say that despite what Trump himself says, she does not believe that he has learned anything from his experience contracting COVID-19.

“He said he’s learned a lot — he has learned nothing,” she said. “Not only is he a bad businessman, he’s a bad politician. Because what he should have said was, ‘I learned my lesson, I know how bad this is, I said it to Bob Woodward already, now I’m going to say it again – it’s a very dangerous, dangerous disease, I got it, you could get it, people could die from it, and I want you all to wear a mask and socially distance.’”

“He did not say that,” Behar added. “So he keeps appealing to the same 39% that already is in the cult. Try to get some new cult members if you have a brain in your head.”

This came after Trump said that he “learned a lot” about coronavirus since he was diagnosed with it at the end of last week.

“It’s been a very interesting journey. I learned a lot about COVID. I learned it by really going to school. This is the real school. This isn’t the ‘let’s read the books’ school,” Trump said in a video that he post. “And to social media. “And I get it, and I understand it, and it’s a very interesting thing, and I’m going to be letting you know about it.”