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Trump Walks Out of Interview with CBS Anchor Lesley Stahl

President Donald Trump reportedly walked out during an interview with CBS’ ’60 Minutes’ anchor Lesley Stahl. He left the interview abruptly, and did not return for a scheduled walk and talk with the left-wing anchor.

Shortly afterwards, the president tweeted a video of Stahl at the White House not wearing a mask.

The president’s supporters often question why he agrees to do interviews with liberal-leaning hosts who have been consistently critical of his administration during the last four years.

The election is now just a few weeks away, and this Thursday Trump and Joe Biden are set to debate. The host is Kristin Welker, a host on NBC who has deep ties to Democrats. Welker released her anticipated topics for the debate, which included a laundry list of left-wing agenda items like “climate change”–however, she showed no indication that she will ask Biden about recent emails which have surfaced, suggesting the Biden family enriched itself off foreign entities while he was Vice President.