What Will Happen On Tuesday

Barring a big change in 72 hours, here's the deal.

First the good news, the GOP will keep the Senate. We may even pick up several in the House.

Now the bad but irrelevant news, we will lose the popular vote and closely lose the Electoral College on Tuesday. Biden gets just below or above 300. The good news? Because the extent of Democrat voter fraud will be massive in the battleground states, we will eventually win in the courts and Trump will serve a second term. Here’s how that will play out Tuesday.

Morning- There will be reports of heavy voter turnout all over the country. Media will report this as favorable to Biden, to try and discourage Trump turnout. It won’t work. Democrat groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the Black Panthers will show up at polls and neighborhoods to try and intimidate voters. That will work, to a degree. Trump poll watchers, election judges, and poll workers will be turned away at the polls on arcane technicalities. This will allow efficient ballot harvesting for the Democrats. Scuffles will break out at polls between Trump and Biden supporters. The media will blame this exclusively on Trump supporters.

Afternoon- Turnout will decrease for a bit, as people usually vote before and after work. Trump lawn signs and public signs will disappear, to be replaced by Biden signs. In Trump supporting areas, mysterious traffic tie ups and minor car crashes at traffic choke points will be reported. Trump voters, especially senior citizens who vote midday, will see harassment at the polls and will report it to police. But nothing will be done because police will be busy dealing with pre-planned riots in selective areas.

Early evening- Turnout will pick up. Harassment of Trump voters will die down, as Biden and allied group ops turn to ballot fraud. Democrats will move in court to keep polling stations open late in selective areas, closed on time in others. Republicans will be legally ready for them and fight back hard. As polls close on the East Coast, Trump will hold his own. Though he might lose Pennsylvania. Only might lose it. The Republicans are putting on a serious push there. We’ll see. As the night progresses he will lose Iowa and Wisconsin. But down ballot Republicans will have better luck. Major networks will call the election by 10pm.

Late evening- They will call it for Biden, regardless of the outcome, regardless of any outstanding ballots left to be counted. Biden will immediately claim victory and call on Trump to concede. Trump will say he will wait until all ballots are counted. Biden and other Democrats will call him a dictator unconstitutionally clinging to power. Pre-planned riots and demonstrations will take place in cities from the evening into Wednesday morning, calling for Trump to concede. The media will term it a constitutional crisis of Trump’s making. The president will hang tough and the election will begin its journey through the courts.

This opinion piece was written by David Kamioner on October 31, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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