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Melania Trump Considering Writing Memoir About Her Time In The White House, Reports Say

The current First Lady Melania Trump is currently taking meetings about writing a memoir of her time as First Lady, according to sources.

“Melania is in meetings to write her White House memoir,” an insider told Page Six [1]. “And it would be her money — a chance for her to earn on her own.”

The source went on to say that, “I’m told her husband is encouraging her” to write the book.

“She’s not done, or going as quietly as you might expect,” the insider explained, adding that “in the wake of Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s betrayal, in both print and on secret tapes, Melania’s story could be worth big money.”

Wolkoff had been Melania’s best friend and advisor until she published her explosive tell-all memoir “Melania And Me” back in September. Upon the release of the book, Wolkoff released embarrassing tapes of conversations with Melania that she’d recorded without the first lady’s knowledge. Melania fired back by saying that the recordings were taken “out of context,” and that the book was “idle gossip trying to distort my character.” She also called Wolkoff a “dishonest opportunist” who “clung” to Melania for fame.

The Independent [2] reported that Melania addressed Wolkoff’s memoir in an essay in which she claimed that she “hardly knew” the former adviser. Though Melania did not mention Wolkoff by name, it was clear that it was her memoir that she was referring to in the essay.

“We all know that more often than not, information that could be helpful to children is lost in the noise made by self-serving adults,” Melania wrote. “I have most recently found this to be the case as major news outlets eagerly covered salacious claims made by a former contractor who advised my office. A person who said she ‘made me’ even though she hardly knew me, and someone who clung to me after my husband won the Presidency.”

President Donald Trump has indicated that he may write a memoir about his time in the White House, once he leaves office. He suggested this back in September in a tweet that was posted in response to journalist Bob Woodward releasing his books “Fear” and “Rage” about the Trump presidency.

“The Woodward book is a Joke – just another assault against me, in a barrage of assaults, using now disproven unnamed and anonymous sources,” Trump tweeted. “Many have already come forward to say the quotes by them, like the book, are fiction. Dems can’t stand losing. I’ll write the real book!”