Why the Georgia Senate Races are Probably More Important to Win Than the Presidency

Right now, the Senate race has the Republicans ahead with 50 senators and the democrats with 48.

Right now, the Senate race has the Republicans ahead with 50 senators and the democrats with 48.

But the fate of the Senate hangs in the balance with two incumbent Republican Georgia senators having a run-off on January 5th. 

If the democrats win both seats in Georgia, the Senate would be tied 50-50 which means communist VP Kamala Harris would be the tiebreaker if Biden becomes the president.

God help us all.

Because of Georgia law and the fact that none of the Georgia senator candidates won by 50% (that’s debatable), that’s why there will be a run-off election for the Georgia Senators in January.

The consensus seems to be that hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent on the Georgia Senate races because the democrats need total power over us. Most likely, more money will be spent in this election than any other Senate race in history.

So we can expect more voter fraud, protests, lies, and lots of money flowing. The usual democrat stuff. They’ll do whatever is needed. 

Senate control is a must for conservatives to stop the democrats from enacting their sweeping progressive communist agenda and to stop the nomination of radical people if Biden becomes president. And to stop them from successfully impeaching President Trump if he remains in office.

The Senate is our firewall.

When Joe Biden was declared the president by the leftist media, the National Republican Senatorial Committee tweeted, “The Senate is the last line of defense.”

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is warning the democrats about the next two months. She told House democrats, “How we conduct it in the next two months will affect how we do in Georgia.”

What does that mean? No riots? No talking of packing the courts? Not disclosing what they’ll really do when they take over the Senate?

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told a Biden victory crowd recently, “Now we take Georgia, and then we change America.”

No kidding. We know all about the radical anti-American crap they are planning to do.

Purdue defined the race correctly when he tweeted, “We win these two races, we save the Senate. We have the Senate, we save the country. This is what is at stake.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on November 11, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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