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Hillary Clinton Uses 9/11 Anniversary To Attack Trump Supporters

On the eve of the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Hillary Clinton shamelessly used the solemn anniversary to attack supporters of former President Donald Trump.

During an interview on Friday, CBS host Gayle King asked Clinton if she is worried about another potential Islamic terror attack after President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Clinton outrageously responded by saying that Trump supporters are the greatest threat at the moment.

“I think you always have to be vigilant, Gayle, and certainly that, unfortunately, comes with living in the world as we know it today, but actually I am more concerned about internal threats,” Clinton said. “We always have to be aware of and protect against external threats. But really, what is tearing our country apart and threatening our democracy is what we saw on January 6.”

“And I, unfortunately, have seen so much of that kind of continuing divisiveness and hatred and ideological attitudes about our democracy and each other,” she continued. “So yes, we have to be constantly aware of potential damage, attacks, threats from outside. But I think every American, regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, should be as worried, if not more, right now about what we’re doing to ourselves.”

Not stopping there, Clinton proceeded to double down.

“You know, we can take anything, we can overcome anything,” Clinton stated. “We can come back from anything if we’re united. But if we are going to continue to hate each other, scapegoat each other, try to undermine each other, try to go after our institutions, our voting system, uh yeah, then we are putting ourselves at great risk and that’s what keeps me up at night these days.”

Clinton also acknowledged that we are a “really divided country” right now. Though she blatantly added to this divide with her demonization of Trump supporters in this same interview, Clinton claimed that she wants to see America come together again.

“But boy do I wish that we could be reminded of the courage and the resilience and the tenacity and the unity that we all experienced 20 years ago,” said Clinton.

Yeah, right, Hillary…


Clinton has clearly never gotten over the fact that Trump and his millions of supporters completely trounced her in the 2016 election. She’s so cocky and full of herself that she took it for granted that she would win and become the first female president, but Trump showed her just how wrong she really was.

It’s time for Clinton to get over both herself and 2016 because it’s getting pathetic at this point.