Piers Morgan Says Trans Athletes In Women’s Sports Will End Up Killing Women

Coming under the radar of woke culture, sports have tried their best to include all types of people, hoping to not anger the liberal left. The newest evolution of sports happened on Friday when fighter Alana McLaughlin, 38, beat a fellow MMA fighter using a chokehold. While this might not sound surprising, it does when you learn that McLaughlin is a transgender athlete who was not only born a man but is also a special forces combat veteran. McLaughlin’s opponent, Celine Provost, on the other hand, was born female. Although some are praising the move, British commentator Piers Morgan is drawing a line. 

For those that might be wondering, the fight only lasted 3 minutes and 32 seconds into the second round before McLaughlin was able to get the upper hand on Provost. Still, in that amount of time, Morgan said, “It made me sick to watch a once-male special forces combat veteran beat up a woman on TV. It’s time to stop this trans sport insanity before women start being killed.” 

Having a decorated military career, Morgan was sure to thank McLaughlin for her sacrifice. “At this point let me be clear: McLaughlin was a war hero, rising through Army ranks to become a special forces medical sergeant who went to serve in Afghanistan in 2007 as part of an elite, 12-man team. There, she helped save many lives as she treated IED casualties in a highly dangerous combat zone. I have huge respect for her military service, during which she was awarded eight distinguished service medals.”


But although Morgan might respect McLaughlin’s military career, he torched the athlete for fighting a woman. “Regardless of her military record or personal struggles growing up, none of this justifies what happened on Friday night. I found the bout sickening to watch. It was obvious very quickly that McLaughlin was too strong, and equally obvious that this strength came from the 33 years she spent as a biological man. As I’ve said before, the restrictive hormone treatment that sports authorities make transgender women do before they can compete in women’s sport does not reduce muscle density or power.”

Morgan ended his rant on the simple note that being born a male and playing in female sports is unfair. “[McLaughlin is] a girl born with the massive physical advantage of a male body. Yet now she’s deliberately participating in a grotesquely unbalanced physical environment for other women. It’s unfair, unequal, and in the case of combat sport, incredibly dangerous. But the real crime going on here is against women’s sport.”

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 15, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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