Trump Torches RINO Senators Lindsey Graham And Mike Lee For ‘Not Putting Up The Fight Necessary To Win’

...but has Lindsey Graham gotten to the bottom of it yet?

President Donald Trump lashed out at Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee on Wednesday night for “not putting up the fight necessary to win.” Trump also doubled down on his claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him.

“I spent virtually no time with Senators Mike Lee of Utah, or Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, talking about the 2020 Presidential Election Scam or, as it is viewed by many the ‘Crime of the Century,'” Trump said in a statement, according to Daily Mail. “Lindsey and Mike should be ashamed of themselves for not putting up the fight necessary to win.”

“If this were Schumer and the Democrats, with the evidence we have of Election Fraud (especially newly-released evidence), they would have never voted to approve Biden as president and had they not, all of the mistakes that were made over the last month, which are destroying our country, would not have happened,” he continued.

Not stopping there, Trump proceeded to zero back in on Lee and Graham.

“Mike Lee, Lindsey Graham and all the other Republicans who were unwilling to fight for the presidency of the United States, which would have included at least an additional four Republican senators – two in Georgia, one in Michigan, one in Arizona, are letting the Democrats get away with the greatest Election Hoax in History – a total con job,” Trump said.

Trump explained that one of the biggest problems Republicans are facing is that their leaders are soft, while Democrats are “vicious” and will do anything to win.

“The Democrats are vicious and fight like hell, and the Republicans do nothing about it,” he continued. “RINOs fight harder against Republicans than they do against Democrats. They want to be so politically correct, even if that means losing our country, which is happening now.”

“Your Republican Presidential candidate won in a landslide but has so little backing from Republican ‘leadership,'” Trump stated. “They should be ashamed of themselves. Why won’t they hold hearings? Or even if just Republicans had open public sessions, we would all hear irrefutable facts. Remember, the Fake News media does not report the truth!”

This is just one of a series of blistering statements Trump released last night. In another, he eviscerated the “fake news” media.

“Why is the Fake News Media continuing on their path of saying ‘baseless and disproven lies’ concerning the Presidential Election of 2020, no matter how much evidence they see,” Trump said. “The proof is massive and staggering. The presidential election of 2020 was rigged! When the information becomes public, people will see that it wasn’t even close.”

Trump also gave some advice to Republicans, telling them to campaign to the debt ceiling.

“The only powerful tool that Republicans have to negotiate with is the debt ceiling, and they would be foolish and unpatriotic not to use it now,’ he wrote in another statement Wednesday night,” the former president said. “The way I look at it, what Democrats are proposing, on so many different levels, will destroy our country. Therefore Republicans have no choice but to concede all the horror they are trying to inflict upon the future of the United States.”

This piece was written by James Samson on September 23, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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