Biden Admits He Pressured ER To Fast-Track A ‘Good Friend’ Ahead Of Others Seeking Treatment

Biden putting friends before other American's healthcare

During a speech in Illinois on Thursday night in which he promoted vaccine mandates for businesses, President Joe Biden revealed that he personally reached out to a hospital the night before to ensure the wife of his “good friend” received immediate care because the “waiting room was so crowded.”

“Last night, I was on the telephone with a person at an emergency hospital ward in Pennsylvania because a good friend had called, and he had rushed his significant other to the emergency room because this woman was having trouble breathing, had a high fever, and could not catch her breath,” Biden said, according to Fox News.

“They got her into the hospital,” he added. “The waiting room was so crowded. Things were so backed up they couldn’t even get her to be seen initially. So, because I knew this person, I called. I called the desk receiving nurse and asked what the situation was.”

“To make long story short, it took a while because all of the – not all – the vast majority of the emergency rooms and docs were occupied taking care of COVID patients,” Biden stated. “I bet every one of you can name somebody who got sent to the hospital with something other than COVID and couldn’t get it taken care of.”

Biden concluded by saying that he “wasn’t complaining” when he made the phone call because doctors and nurses working in overcrowded hospitals are “getting the living hell kicked out of them, sometimes physically.”

White House officials had previewed this speech by saying that Biden’s message would “be clear.”



“Vaccination requirements work. Vaccination requirements get more people vaccinated, helping to end the pandemic and strengthen the economy,” one official said. “That’s why he’s leading on implementing vaccination requirements for 100 million workers – two-thirds of all workers in the U.S. That’s why we’re seeing growing momentum for vaccination requirements across sectors and across the country.”

Before Biden’s speech, the White House released a report claiming that vaccination requirements are helping to drive up vaccination rates, put people back to work and boost the economy. White House officials alleged that the report “demonstrates with data that vaccination requirements work and will accelerate our path out of the pandemic.”

The report also claimed that vaccination requirements have “already helped cut the rate of unvaccinated Americans by one-third.” It stressed that increasing vaccination rates could return “up to 5 million workers to the labor force.”

Check out Biden’s full speech below.

This piece was written by James Samson on October 8, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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