McAuliffe Insults Virginia Parents

Not a smart move.

A week from now Virginians will go to the polls and choose their next governor. In this race, as of today, the advantage is with Republican Glenn Youngkin. Why? A plethora of reasons. Terry McAuliffe’s bumbling temper, his massive sense of entitlement, and his tired message all come to mind. But the biggest reason is that McAuliffe has gone out of his way to insult Virginia parents.

He had a choice. Stick with a Bolshevik teachers union or go with parents of school kids. He went with the Marxists and now he’s paying for it in the polls. RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel briefs us.


McDaniel: Virginians are one week out from electing a new governor, and the choice could not be starker. Voters want to have a voice in their children’s education and schools. They’re hungry for economic relief, lower taxes, affordable prices, and good-paying jobs. They’re tired of feeling unsafe in their neighborhoods. There’s only one candidate who offers an alternative to four more years of the status quo: Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Momentum is on Youngkin’s side as Election Day nears. Polls show the race close, pundits have deemed it a “toss up,” and Democrats are running scared. A recent rally for Youngkin drew an overflow crowd, with hundreds more outside. Clearly, Virginians are ready for real change in Richmond.

A quick look at Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s track record shows why. Education has exploded to the top of the list of issues Virginia families care about. But McAuliffe has a history of putting students last. During his tenure as governor, Virginia schools lowered their academic accreditation standards.

McAuliffe vetoed a school choice bill passed by the Virginia General Assembly, preventing students from being able to transfer out of poorly performing schools. Even more egregious, he vetoed a bill that would have required schools to warn parents about books with sexually explicit content.

That’s one reason why so many parents are fired up. A concerned Virginia mother recently exposed that multiple Fairfax County, Virginia school libraries included books that described pedophilia and explicit sexual content and didn’t bother to alert parents.

House Bill 257, which Virginia Democrats passed last year, removed requirements for school officials to report serious crimes to law enforcement such as sexual battery, stalking, and threats against teachers and staff.

We know what happens when schools aren’t required to report assaults—just look at the coverup currently being exposed in Loudoun County. And the incorporation of divisive Critical Race Theory into school curricula across the commonwealth has galvanized parents into speaking out at school board meetings…

According to McAuliffe, government bureaucrats know how to raise your kids better than you do. As a parent myself, I am astounded by his arrogance and sense of entitlement to other people’s children. It’s an insult to families across the commonwealth.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on October 26, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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