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April Tax Time Will be Rude Awakening for Parents Who Think They’re Getting Their Usual Windfall

Joe Biden’s polling numbers are going to tank even more than they already have come tax time in April. 

President Disaster and his democrat buddies are going to be the target of hatred and scorn when their ignorant voters realize their tax rebates have shrunk substantially.

More specifically, parents will only be getting half of what they usually get at tax time.

Yes, all of the parents out there who are used to getting lots and lots of money just for reproducing are going to get a lot less money come tax time and they only have the democrats to blame.

The child tax credit scam was passed in legislation with only democrats voting for the American Rescue Plan, rammed through with reconciliation and signed by President Disaster himself in March of this year.

Plethoras of ignorant democrat parents just think that the democrats have been giving them “free money” for having kids. Nope, that isn’t the scam.

The child tax credit scam was a way for the democrats to give voters the money that they usually get in the form of a yearly tax rebate ahead of time.

That’s why it was called a “credit” but I think a lot of people missed that word. 

The democrats certainly didn’t advertise it that way to warn anyone. And their pals in the fake news media didn’t mention that part of it much either – if at all.

For some parents who know what’s going on, it’s a great deal getting their money ahead of time and they are planning accordingly.

For others, they are going to be MAD AS HELL when they don’t get their $3500 check in April because they’ve already received half of it by the end of December.

And there are tens of millions of families getting this money so there will be quite a large gaggle of voters who are going to feel ripped off.

For anyone who doesn’t understand what’s going on with the tax credits, you can look it up on the IRS [1] website where they spell it out pretty clearly.

The website says that “half the total credit amount is being paid in advance monthly payments” and “you claim the other half when you file your 2021 income tax return.”

This scam ends at the end of this year unless it’s extended if the Build Back Worse bill goes through.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on December 15, 2021. It originally appeared in SteveGruber.com [2] and is used by permission.