Brutal Takedown Of Biden Leaves CNN Panel Speechless, Anderson Cooper Looked Completely Dumfounded [VIDEO]

His face says it all...

OPINION: Although the Biden administration was able to somewhat cruise through 2021 on campaign promises and the notion that the liberal media promoted their agendas, the year is over and there is no denying the evidence. Following Biden’s first year, inflation is at a record high, crime is at a record high, and COVID-19 deaths are higher than when former President Donald Trump was in office. Add that with the fact that only 33% approve of Biden’s leadership, it appears even CNN can’t run from the fact that Biden is wrong for America. 

During a CNN segment that aired shortly after the President gave his first press conference of 2022 where he questioned the entire election process, Anderson Cooper asked Scott Jennings what his thoughts were on Biden’s speech. While Jennings definitely didn’t forget he was on CNN, it didn’t stop him from completely blasting Biden for practically inviting Russia to invade Ukraine, more COVID-19 deaths, and causing top Democrats to question the election process.

Not only harping on Biden, Jennings also pointed to the fact that the media spent over four years hounding Trump on Russia, COVID-19, and elections, and it appears nothing has changed.  

This opinion piece was written by Zach Heilman on January 21, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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