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Mexican Cartel Threats to Assassinate Border Agents; Biden Admin Silent

The spotlight is on Ukraine and Russia for the democrat party and the media. They figure that if they keep the focus on Ukraine, the rest of us will forget that we can’t afford groceries, gas and our heating bills. Maybe we’ll forget about the crime going on in our country and all of the other democrat-made disasters that plague our daily lives.

And with all of their focus on Ukraine, we might not even notice that the Mexico drug cartels are threatening to assassinate our border patrol agents. 

The Washington Examiner [1] reported that our border patrol agents in Southern Texas have been warned about assassination attempts by the Mexican cartels. 

The Border Patrol just sent its agents an alert stating that “cartel groups were discussing killing U.S. law enforcement personnel along the border near Fronton, Texas, between Miguel Aleman and Los Guerra, Tamaulipas, Mexico.”

The Fronton Texas area is a high-traffic area for drug smuggling. It is just across the Rio Grande from Miguel Aleman, one of the more dangerous cities in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

The alert went on to say “agents are reminded to be cognizant of their surroundings while performing Border Patrol operations. It is recommended that all agents wear their ballistic armor, utilize long arms, and if possible, work in groups when responding to illicit activity along the immediate border.”

Agents in the Rio Grande Valley were shot at four times late last year from the Mexican side of the border, including three incidents in Fronton and one in Weslaco.

In October, the Texas Department of Public Safety said Mexican cartel members dressed in military-like outfits and toting AK-47 rifles had been taunting U.S. soldiers assigned to the southern border, an unprecedented act of aggression.

But this news doesn’t even seem to be on radar of Biden, CNN and the New York Times. It’s certainly nothing that they want to talk about. 

Why would they want to talk about the fact that they have absolutely no plans in place to stop the drugs and human trafficking from coming across the border.

What will it take to make the Biden Administration take action to stop these Mexican gangs that are threatening American citizens? How many Americans must die before the New York Times decides it is a story worth reporting?