Barack Obama Was ‘Jealous’ Of Joe Biden, According To Pelosi

No honor among thieves

A new book is claiming that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) once said that Barack Obama was “jealous” of Joe Biden.

In the new book “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future” by Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin that was obtained by Fox News, it is alleged that Obama had “complicated feelings” about Biden being president.

Burns and Martin wrote that Obama and Biden spoke “occasionally” at the start of the latter’s presidency, and their conversations were “hardly the stuff of the tight brotherhood both men had sold to the country as a cheery political fable.”

“Nancy Pelosi, who spoke regularly with the former president, came away from her conversations with Obama during this period with a matter-of-fact diagnosis,” the book continued. “She told a friend: ‘Obama is jealous of Biden.'”

According to his advisor, Biden spoke up to say, “I am confident that Barack is not happy with the coverage of this administration as more transformative than his.”

One Democrat who talked to Obama while he campaigned for Biden in 2020 recalled the former president saying, “don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up.”

This comes after The Hill reported that Biden has let Obama know that he plans to run for president again in 2024.

“[Biden] wants to run and he’s clearly letting everyone know,” said one source who was familiar with their conversation.

“I believe he thinks he’s the only one who can beat Trump. I don’t think he thinks there’s anyone in the Democratic party who can beat Trump and that’s the biggest factor,” this insider added.

While Biden’s approval ratings have been low throughout his presidency, some Democrats seem to think he has a chance in 2024.

“He can recover,” said Basil Smikle, a Democratic strategist and director of Hunter College’s public policy program. “A lot will depend on the outcome of the midterms. If Democrats don’t fare very well, he’ll be going into 2024 from a position of weakness, if you will.”

Biden has previously said that he plans to run for reelection, although he’s also said that these plans could be derailed by “fate.”

“I’m a great respecter of fate,” Biden said during an interview back in December. “Fate has intervened in my life many, many times. If I’m in the health I am in now, if I’m in good health, then in fact I would run again.”

It will certainly be interesting to see how that goes for Biden, should he decide to run.

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