CNN Poll: Black Voters Are “Souring On Democrats”

Open borders hurt black Americans hardest.

With the 2022 midterm elections right around the corner, the Democrats and Biden administration are scrambling as the polls continue to show them taking monumental losses. And it isn’t just the midterm elections as there are already talks about the 2024 Presidential election that Biden is adamant about running in. Recently, hoping to gain some momentum, President Biden announced he was looking to forgive federal student loan debt. Again, while trying to gain some ground in the polls, CNN’s Harry Enten revealed that debt forgiveness might not be enough as Biden is down 20 points when it comes to black voters. 

In the video, which is featured below, Enten stated, “It’s really down, you can see at the beginning of his term, he was at 87%, look where he is over the last few months, 67%, that’s a 20-point drop. Not only is it a 20-point drop, but 67%, Barack Obama the last Democratic president never dropped below 75% in any Gallup Poll. This was lower than Barack Obama ever was.”

Being that CNN was a strong supporter of Biden during the 2020 election, this sudden shift in reporting comes as the network has been bleeding viewers for some time. Trying to give a reason for the 20-point decline, Enten added, “If you look at younger voters, you don’t see much of a change in the generic numbers even how they soured of Biden. Look here, the choice for the House of Representatives in the 2020 election, Democrats won them by 77 points. Look at the recent average polling. They’re only winning by get this 62 points. I want to put this in a historical comparison. This gets to how low that 62-point margin is, choice for House of Representatives Democrats have one voter 75% or more in every single election this century. If you see them with a 62-point margin, that is much worse for wear than any performance for Democrats in the House of Representatives this century.”

Not able to divert from what the polls are showing, the host concluded what many have already known, “Right now if you go back to 2020, Joe Biden won Black voters by 75 points, that was down from 2016, you really have to go all the way back to 2004. You were asking before why? What is driving this erosion? This I think will give you the clue, it’s Black conservative voters. Look at that, 2016, Dems won them by 58 points, Hillary Clinton. Just a 20-point margin for Joe Biden. All others, moderates and liberals, that 87 point margin held, it’s Black conservatives that are driving this.”

Online users didn’t necessarily agree, writing, “ Wrong, again! Black people are no different than anyone else, CNN. It’s the transgender thing that’s being force fed to everyone that has every Democrat supporter reevaluating their political affiliation.”

Whatever it may be that is causing black voters to abandon Democrats, it is bad news for Biden and good news for America.

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