DeSantis Slams Disney Leftists After Rescinding Their Special Tax Status

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made a recent appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News to discuss the actions taken against Disney with respect to their rescinded special status that afforded them a sort of self-governing status within Florida.

Earlier in April, the Florida Senate moved to revoke Disney’s unique self-governing status that had been gifted to the company back in 1967.

The Reedy Creek Improvement District that was created for the House of Mouse back in the 1960s granted Disney with unfettered control over zoning, infrastructure, utilities, even their own fire department – something that Governor DeSantis talked about on Carlson’s show and how it was past time to reel in Disney, especially after they tried to use their corporate power to enact a heckler’s veto against Florida’s Parental Rights in Education legislation.

“This company had a deal unlike any company or any individual in all of the state of Florida, and probably anywhere in the United States. They were self-governing, they had extraordinary powers, they could build nuclear power plants, they didn’t have to go through permitting processes, obviously, a lot of tax benefits. And so that’s just inappropriate.

And it’s certainly inappropriate when you look, as you I think, did a great job pointing out, they pledged themselves to mobilize their considerable corporate resources out of the coffers of this Burbank, California based corporation to overturn the rights of parents in the state of Florida to effectively commandeer our democratic process. And so that, obviously, is something that we very much objected to.”

Governor DeSantis also pointed out Disney’s bizarre agenda with wanting to “inject sexuality in the programming that goes to young kids,” which he as a parent of young children finds unsettling. However, the Florida governor reiterated that well past time to have pulled the plug on Disney’s special status so that they can “live under the same laws as everybody else in the state of Florida.”

The Fox News host noted how odd the backlash was coming from the Left since the Left has been labeling themselves as being protectors of democracy but were siding with Disney who were trying to subvert the democratic process by swinging around weight.

Governor DeSantis’ theory of this sudden pro-corporate shilling from the Left is because he believes that Democrats can’t craft a campaign with messaging around indoctrinating children into the trans ideology – so they’ll simply have big business do the heavy lifting for them.

“Because I think what the Left has come to is all they want to see is power exercised and advance of their leftist agenda. So yes, they used to be hostile to big corporations, because I think they perceive those corporations as being apolitical and that they wouldn’t support their agenda. Now, they figured out that they can try to subcontract out their leftism to some of these big corporations, and some of the executives will cave to the woke mob.

And then they’ll basically do the Left’s dirty work. Tucker, they’re not going to win elections in Florida, if they’re actually running on injecting transgender ideology into second grade classrooms. And they know that so their hope was getting Disney involved in that would somehow get me to back down from signing the bill. Well, that was a bad judgment in their part, because of course, we weren’t going to back down an inch.”

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