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Devastating CBS Poll: Americans’ Approval of Biden Tanking on Nearly Every Issue

This incompetent president is a complete disaster and the new CBS News/YouGov poll proves it. 

Americans don’t approve [1] of anything he’s doing.

69% disapprove of his handling of inflation.

63% disapprove of his handling of the economy.

62% disapprove of his handling of immigration.

61% disapprove of his handling of crime.

What handling? That’s just the point. The joke is that there is no “handling” of what he’s doing. His own policies are making bad things happen and most of them are on purpose. 

He’s not going to undue his idiocy. It’s purposeful. Psaki will spin the truth for him and Biden will come up with asinine “solutions” to the problems that he’s creating.

Case in point: instead of opening up oil production in the United States to help our high energy prices, Biden is going to announce an emergency waiver on Ethanol [2] to be able to sell year-round sales of E15 gasoline. 

But…but…but…what about the environment?

It looks like a political emergency for the democrats outweighs their massive climate change emergency that they are constantly wailing about.

When Trump opened up ethanol year ‘round in 2019, it went to the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. But now with Biden doing it, it’s OKIE DOKIE. 

All to save everyone about 10¢ a gallon. 


Not to mention Biden is having companies use the ethanol for gas instead of the food supply during a food shortage. Genius!

Between Biden’s dementia, incompetence and corruption, he really shouldn’t be the leader of the free world. But lucky for him, there is VP Kamala Harris to save his hide. She’s such a disaster in her own right that she’s the insurance old Joe needs in order to stay in the Oval Office longer than he should.

Even the Hunter Biden laptop and Biden’s ties to foreign money and corruption most likely won’t take him down – at least not until Obama decides that it’s time to bring in Harris.

Senator Kennedy [3] summed up the Biden presidency and the ongoing crises pretty well the other day when he discussed the current situation with Fox News. He discussed government spending, inflation and the border policy as being akin to the “Hindenburg crash(ing) into the Titanic.”

And the American people are the passengers who will be paying the price.