Disney Bleeding Money, Could Lose Orlando Park

Serves them right.

Disney’s worsening financial problems due to its woke agenda have gotten so bad that the very survival of Disney World in Orlando is open to speculation.

With Disney+ rumored to have sustained anywhere from 350,000 to half a million cancellations and reservations at the Orlando park reportedly down by over 500,000 cancellations, the woke Disney is paying a high price for being stylish. Corporate analysts say the current downturn could have a long term effect and eventually result in the closure of Disney World in Orlando.

If that wasn’t bad enough for Disney, they’ve also made enemies of the DeSantis administration. Not smart at all. Christina Pushaw, the top spokesperson for the governor, tweeted recently: “Disney will pay its fair share of taxes…Floridians, including residents of Orange and Osceola Counties, will not be on the hook,” Pushaw said. “Do not fall for another partisan political lie being amplified by the media.”

She continued, in response to Disney disinformation, “If it’s true that the repeal of the special district would hand Disney a tax break, and the local taxpayers would be on the hook for this bail-out to benefit Disney… then why would Disney oppose repealing their special district? Indeed, why wouldn’t Disney have lobbied to get rid of the special district long ago?” Exactly. To get out of the mess, Disney is trying to change the subject. It’s not working.

Even Twitter users have suggested Elon Musk by the company. “Elon Musk…Please buy Disney as well!” Julio Gonzalez, Founder of Engineered Tax Services, tweeted. “[email protected] should buy Disney and make it about family entertainment,” another Twitter user said.

Governor DeSantis has something to say about Disney hubris. “This company had a deal unlike any company or any individual in the state of Florida and probably anywhere in the United States. They were self-governing,” he said.

“They had extraordinary powers. They could build nuclear power plants. They didn’t have to go through the permitting process [which] obviously [offers] a lot of tax benefits. And so that’s just inappropriate…[Disney] pledged themselves to mobilize their considerable corporate resources out of the coffers of this Burbank, California-based corporation to overturn the rights of parents in the state of Florida, and effectively commandeer our democratic process,” he said.

His Lt. Gov agrees: We stand here in Florida…on behalf of the rights of parents, and it’s a sad state of affairs when the most magical place on Earth has now digressed into the most hypocritical and woke place on Earth… Governor DeSantis and I, we don’t take our marching orders from California corporate executives that want to push a radical agenda on our children,” said Jeanette Nunez.

“They can stand there, and they can complain…they can criticize…they can threaten that they’re going to work to repeal this legislation. But they certainly have a lot of work to do within their own ranks. They’re doing business with the Chinese Communist Party. They don’t care about the human rights abuses that occur there, night and day,” she opined.

But the proof in the pudding is with customers. Parents who are repulsed by Disney’s California values and perv agenda are making Disney pay for their woke actions by withdrawing from Disney services and attractions in stratospheric numbers.

Patti Garibay is one such parent and former customer. She explained, “It is time to void your household of all things Disney…It has been said before and it bears saying again, ‘Walt would turn over in his grave’ to see what his beloved company has become.”

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