MSNBC Joy Reid Goes Ballistic Over DeSantis and Disney Bill

That should make his popularity skyrocket.

Serial lunatic and race baiter Joy Reid is mad at Ron DeSantis. Which means the governor of Florida is doing his job well.

FNC: “MSNBC’s Joy Reid said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ultimate goal for Disney is to turn the ‘happiest place on Earth” into a “living hell.’

The ‘ReidOut’ host slammed DeSantis for pushing to revoke Disney’s self-governing status during a Wednesday segment of her show, labeling him an ‘authoritarian’ for pushing back against the company’s opposition to Florida’s ‘Parental Rights in Education’law.

Reid accused DeSantis of signing ‘anti-gay’ and ‘anti-trans’ legislation into law with the goal of ‘censor[ing] and punish[ing] educators’ and ‘eras[ing] the existence of people’s lives.’ She then alleged the governor is punishing Disney for objecting to the laws in subject.”

“Baby MAGA is mad that Disney opposes his ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, so, today, the Florida senate voted to revoke the privileges that have allowed Disney World to govern itself since the theme park opened its glittery doors,” said Reid. Ah, such obvious leftist agitprop from the Joseph Goebbels of MSNBC. And “baby MAGA”? So clever…for a three year old.

“[DeSantis is] pushing back against this private company who dared to contradict him because A: he’s an authoritarian on the fascist spectrum and B: he thinks it will make him president…Wow, Ron, you really live in fantasy land, don’t you?” So now the hard Left likes the private sector? Gee, what a surprise to hear that from self avowed socialists. And DeSantis is fascist and or authoritarian? This from a woman who condemns people solely on their race and supports suppression of free speech? Also, if DeSantis is on that spectrum, why aren’t all his opponents in Florida in jail? Uh huh.

Reid called the bill to revoke Disney’s special status a “very dumb move by a very dumb governor,” and hit Republicans for “targeting” a group of people [LGBTQ+ youth] who are “already fighting to exist in public life.” Dumb? From an individual dumber than a bag of hamners? “Fighting to exist”? I see. Standing ovations at pop culture events because of your sexual orientation really means your existence is in jeopardy. Wow. I didn’t know the Tonys and Oscars were so homophobic.


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