Angry Americans Blaming Biden for Soaring Gas Prices; Rising Risk for Dems in Nov.

Blaming Russia for his incompetency isn't working any more.

The biggest nail in the Democrat coffin come November will be inflation and gas prices. They will try and distract but they can’t hide, as Americans deal with it every day at the pumps.

FNC: “Florida Sen. Marco Rubio argued Wednesday Democrats ‘like’ that inflation is driving gas prices because they believe it will force Americans to buy electric cars. On ‘America’s Newsroom,’ Rubio said the party is also using rising costs to push leftist talking points and call for more mass transit.”

SEN. MARCO RUBIO: “I think there are people in their party that actually like it. They’re not going to say it. They don’t want to get crushed in the next elections, although I believe they will be. But they like the fact that there’s inflation and high prices. They believe the more expensive oil and gas gets, the more people are going to buy electric cars. Well, not everyone can afford an electric car right now. We don’t have enough electric cars, and the batteries for those electric cars or made in China.

These guys, they want this. I’ve had people tell me to my face, ‘well, that’s why we need more mass transit. Everyone should be riding a bus and getting rid of their cars.’ I think there are elements on the left, a lot of elements on the far-left that will never admit it. But they like the fact that oil and natural gas is expensive.”

Others have similar views. STUART VARNEY: “This administration is clueless about inflation and what to do about it. They’re flashing around all over the place. They’re blaming billionaires. They’re blaming the meatpackers. They’re blaming everybody under the sun for this awful inflation situation, which we’ve got now.

When you go to buy gas, when you go to the grocery store these days, you really do get a shock. It’s what everybody is talking about. This is happening right now. It’s out of control and the administration cannot deal with it. It’s a mess.”

FBN reporter Jackie DeAngelis agrees. DEANGELIS: “And this is the kind of thing that is so outrageous because this administration sits on its heels, it waits till we get to the tipping point of crisis before it says, OK, we’re going to try to do something. What did it do? It said we’re going to invoke the Defense Production Act. We’re going to try to bring some more formula in from overseas. All these things are going to take time. Why are they doing it now? It’s going to be six to 8 to 10 weeks before we see a formula hit the shelves. And so when the whistleblower letter came out in October, and it was February that the Abbott Labs shut down, that was the time to get ahead of this and start doing something. I mean, this is absolutely outrageous, but would you expect anything else? Because this is what they’ve been doing when it comes to gas prices when it comes to the supply chain when it comes to the food issue that we’ve been seeing as well.”


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