Cruz Demanding Jail Time for SCOTUS Leaker

When she's caught there will be hell to pay.

Ted Cruz wants the book thrown at the person who leaked the draft Supreme Court decision on Roe. The names seem to have come down to Amit Jain, a Sotomayor clerk, and the individual in the tweet below. Easy solution. Find them. Fire them.

FNC: “Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, on Wednesday blamed a ‘woke little left-wing twit’ for leaking the Supreme Court’s draft of a decision on abortion, speculating that the possible suspect may be one of 12 law clerks currently employed by Democrat-appointed justices.

Cruz’s remarks came in response to a draft opinion that, if held, would overturn the landmark ruling in Roe v. Wade. In a subsequent statement, Chief Justice John Roberts called upon the Marshal of the Court to investigate the situation and find the source who leaked the document to Politico.”

“It is difficult to overstate how destructive it is to the Supreme Court, to the independence of the judiciary, to the integrity of the court, to have a draft opinion leaked during the process of deciding the case,” Cruz said on FNC.”

“In over 200 years of our nation’s history, that has never happened and there was one woke little left-wing twit who decided to hell with his or her obligations to the justice they work for, to hell the obligations to the court, to hell with the obligations to the rule of law, that they would, instead, try to sneak it out in order to put political pressure on the justices and intimidate them into changing their vote.”

Cruz believes there is a “very good chance” of finding out the identity of the culprit. “If you look at the court, it’s actually a very limited universe of people who it could be. The only people that have access to the opinions are the nine justices and their law clerks. Each justice has four clerks so that’s 36 law clerks. And there are a handful of clerical assistants and secretaries who might have it.”

“I there it is a law clerk and very likely a law clerk for one of the three liberal justices, that means there are 12 likely suspects,” he said. “The fact that we have someone willing to be unethical and break the law does not mean that we have got a master criminal at the court. I think they are going to have left a paper trail there will be emails or texts with the reporters.”

“We will find this person,” Cruz continued. “And when they are found, they are going to be fired on the spot. They will be disbarred if they’re members of the bar, or they will never be admitted to the bar to be a lawyer, and to the extent that they have broken criminal laws, they need to be prosecuted and sent to jail.”

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