Jill Biden Gets Blasted After Claiming Joe Is ‘Working Around The Clock’ To End Baby Formula Shortage

Talk about disinformation ... wow

The First Lady Jill Biden is being widely slammed by American parents all over the country after she claimed that her husband, President Joe Biden, is doing everything he can to end the current baby formula shortage in the United States.

Daily Mail reported that in a PSA released on Tuesday, Jill claimed that Joe is “working around the clock” to end this shortage and get parents the formula that they need for their babies.

“Becoming a mom or dad means falling in love deeper than you ever thought possible and in those first few months of sleepless nights, of endless diapers and dirty dishes…and worrying about every little danger, your love can feel like the only thing that keeps you going,” Jill stated.

“I want you to know that you’re doing an incredible job—even if you don’t always feel that way. And I know you are worried about how you are going to feed your baby,” she added. “The President sees you, he hears you, and his team is working around the clock to get you what you need.”

It should be noted that this came just days after Jill’s predecessor, Melania Trump, said that she found this baby formula shortage to be “heartbreaking.” Unfortunately for Jill, this clear attempt to fire back by defending her husband appears to have blown up in her face, as social media users don’t seem to be buying what she’s selling.

“What a load of c**p. Basically you’re saying, if your baby can hang on for however long, you may have formula produced in another country?” one social media user commented. “This message shares ZERO about help from the shortage. Babies cannot go without it.”

“Hey @DrBiden @FLOTUS THEY NEED FORMULA NOT WORDS. So please take action and get them #formula NOW!!” another social media user added, with a third writing, “Oh please. There’s no formula. Babies are hungry!”

Others attacked Jill directly, with one person commenting, “I don’t believe Jill Biden cares about children or there wouldn’t be a formula shortage.”

“Something is very wrong with Jill Biden. She knows the awful condition of her husband and does nothing,” another user added. “Baby formula shortages don’t bother her either? #HeartlessPeople.”

Still others called out the Biden administration for the recent revelation that a mass of baby supplies had been sent to migrant border facilities, while real Americans struggle to get baby formula.

“The illegals get all of our formula but American citizens have to rely on Biden’s scraps?” one user commented. “You people are the enemy within.”

Nice try, Jill, but like much of what your husband has tried to do while in office, it appears this PSA of yours was a major fail.

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