Memorial Day Gas Prices Through The Roof

Thank Democrats.

Due to sheer incompetence and watermelon Bolshevik ideology Americans are paying skyrocketing prices at the gas pumps. Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming explains.

Barrasso: This weekend America will observe Memorial Day. People across the country will visit cemeteries and pay their respects to those who gave the last full measure of devotion for our freedom.

​For much of our history Memorial Day has also been a time to get together with friends and family. Yet this year, many Americans will be forced to stay home alone because it will be the most expensive Memorial Day ever.

Gas prices have broken record after record. Gas prices have gone up 15 out of the 16 months since Biden took office. There is no end in sight. In total, gas prices are up by more than $2 a gallon since Inauguration Day.

Why are gas prices up? With the end of the lockdowns, demand went up, yet supply stayed down. America is producing 1 million fewer barrels of oil per day than before the pandemic. We are producing energy as if we were still in lockdown.

Democrats have run Washington for 16 months, yet they have done nothing to increase the supply of American energy. In fact, they’ve done just about everything they can to reduce it.

On Biden’s first day in office, he cancelled the Keystone pipeline, which would have lowered energy prices in this country. Days later, he stopped holding oil and gas lease sales on federal lands.

The Democrat energy policy seems to be: anything but American energy. Biden has begged countries like Venezuela, Iran, and Saudi Arabia to sell us more oil, even as he restricted our own energy production. At one point Democrats even turned to Vladimir Putin, rather than to American energy workers.

Now Biden is spending down America’s emergency supply by releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Biden already released more oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve than any president in American history.

Yet all this stunt has accomplished is making us more vulnerable in case of a true emergency. Last week, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve dropped to its lowest level since 1987. Meanwhile, gas prices continue to break records.

Working families are being pushed to the breaking point. The average American family can afford less today than they could the day Biden took office. Two-thirds of households are living paycheck to paycheck. Household debt is near an all-time high. Credit card debt is near an all-time high, and interest rates are rising. Mortgage applications are plummeting as more and more people give up on the dream of owning their own homes…

Biden needs to stop appointing climate extremists to his administration. These extremists are doing all they can to block private capital from investing in energy projects. Hold lease sales, approve drilling permits, approve energy infrastructure, and stop blocking private energy investments. That’s the plan that will unleash American energy.

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