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Supreme Court Abortion Decision Could Be Boon for Democrats in Midterms

Some time in the late spring or summer the Supreme Court will decide on a Mississippi abortion law. If they uphold Mississippi, then Roe is effectively struck down.


From an NPR report, “Sometime in the coming weeks or months, justices will decide in a case from Mississippi whether bans on abortion before fetal viability can be constitutional. During those arguments in December, most of the justices in the court’s new conservative majority seemed to question the constitutional foundation of the nearly 50-year-old precedent that guarantees the right to abortion nationwide.

If a majority answers yes to allowing Mississippi’s ban at 15 weeks of pregnancy, ‘that undoes Roe,’ said Marjorie Dannenfelser, who, as president of the Susan B. Anthony List, has been working toward that goal since the organization’s 1992 founding.”

How will this affect the midterms? Prolifers will be jubilant and may come out to the polls to celebrate their win. However, people vote in greater numbers against something than for it. Which means women, especially young women, and independents could also come out in big numbers. If Roe is struck down the news could bring more young women to the polls. The question is, who votes in greater numbers given this scenario: Pro choice women or anti abortion conservatives?

Although the consensus is that Republicans will pick up seats in the House and Senate this year, a court ruling limiting access to women’s healthcare could help Democrats retain control of the House.

To some, looking at the question in purely political terms is hideous. Sure, abortion is horrible, but so is an unwanted pregnancy. Rape, incest, and health of the mother are all legitimate reasons for ending a pregnancy.

It is sad that an issue like women’s healthcare has become politicized. But this time the Republicans may regret getting what they wished for.