Tom Hanks Son, Chet, Destroys Social Justice Warriors During Interview

I have a new found respect for the Hanks family!

Ziwerekoru “Ziwe” Fumudoh is a Nigerian American comedian and writer known for her commentary on politics, and race relations. On a recent episode of her YouTube comedy show “Baited with Ziwe”, she sat down with the Chet Hanks, the son of actor Tom Hanks.

The younger Hanks had a role in Donald Glover’s show,  Atlanta, where he was required to speak in a Patois accent. That didn’t sit well with Ziwe, who considered such a think “cultural appropriation.” But Hanks said he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong.

Hank’s response to the allegation, as well as his body language, were savage.


Ziwe Fumudoh: Are there any marginalized communities you want to apologize to? I don’t know maybe the Patois community.

Chet Hanks: I don’t feel like I’ve truly done anything offensive.

Ziwe Fumudoh: So you don’t see it as cultural appropriation. You see it as like a celebration of culture. And then it’s like social justice warriors can like go kick rocks.

Chet Hanks: Yeah…. Yeah… (long pause) Yeah.

Ziwe Fumudoh: No comment. Got it.

Chet Hanks: No, I mean, I 100% agree. Social Justice Warriors can kick rocks.

He handled that perfectly… and that’s when the internet lit up with comments agreeing with his sentiments.

Here are a couple of handfuls of them…

“She doesn’t know what to do with someone who isn’t begging for forgiveness. I don’t know who he is. Suddenly I have reached the age when I have no clue who today’s celebrities are.”

“I hardly think she is a celebrity. Maybe a contestant on the bachelorette or Cops.”

“Perfect, and the best was her waiting for him to say something she liked, crickets. AWESOME”

“Social Justice Warriors” as they stupidly call themselves = Brainwashed Communist piles of dog excrement.”

“Did she just say cultural appropriation as she sports a white girl hairstyle?”

“She’s definitely oppressed with her show on Showtime.”

“She, (maybe a she, maybe a he/she, who knows?) as a justice warrior, was just told to go kick rocks and SHE DOESN’T GET IT!!! LOLOLOL.”

“She’s an arrogant little sh!t, isn’t she? Assuming he’s ready to apologize for something she interpreted as offensive to somebody? And even gives him an example. His attitude and response were honest and perfect.”

“People are tired of losers trying to blame them for their sad life……social justice warriors are idiots that can’t make it on their own so they want everything for free…..fricking losers!!!!! This guy just spoke the truth and the WOKE bitch cant handle the truth, she would rather be held, patted on the back, and fed lies…..what a weak child!”

“She’s totally gobsmacked. Love it.”

“I have an issue with calling these young punks SJW’s. She doesn’t look old enough to be a freedom rider. You know, the young white Republican kids that went down south to stand in solidarity with MLK’s followers in places like Birmingham Alabama- to take fire hoses and police dogs… you do summa dat, an’ I’ll call you a real SJW. Otherwise, you’re just another keyboard belligerent or talking head. Bet you never were taught that George Wallace was a Democrat. And so was LBJ: mister ‘war on poverty- I mean black families. LBJ was every bit as evil on black families as Margaret Sanger was to black babies.”

“What the hell was that ‘thing’ that was asking the questions? It appears as someone dressed up a hairball encrusted turd to resemble a spokesperson for the Drag Queen Story Hour!” Just my opinion of my observations!”

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