Doocy Presses Jean-Pierre On Biden Taking Responsibility For Inflation

While Jen Psaki is no longer with the Biden administration, the White House still has the presence of Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who famously made President Joe Biden say some unsavory remarks about him. With Doocy known to press the issues not many want to talk about, it appears the new Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre got a glimpse of it on Tuesday when the correspondent asked if President Biden took any of the responsibility for inflation hitting record highs. 

With gas prices continuing to climb and set records, Doocy decided to start with that. “In some places in this country now, a gallon of gas costs more than the people on the federal minimum wage are making in an hour. What does the White House want these people to do? Just stop driving to work?” 

Not giving a solution, the Press Secretary was sure to explain that President Biden knew what Americans were feeling. “He understands what it means for people who are sitting at their kitchen table and see gas prices go up.” After sharing some sympathy, Jean-Pierre was sure to add that the blame for gas prices was not the fault of the Biden administration but Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Hearing so much about Putin, Doocy asked, “You just mentioned Putin a few times as a reason for recent inflation. Do you guys think that any part of inflation this year is because of President Biden’s spending plans? Or is it all Putin’s fault?” 

Again, Jean-Pierre sought to use employment numbers and Biden’s policies for the reason America was staying afloat. “His policies has [sic] helped the economy gets back on its feet. That’s what his policies has [sic] — his policies has [sic] done,. This — when we talk about the gas prices right now, this is indeed Putin’s gas hike. This is what we have seen in the most recent months of what we’re seeing at the gas pump. And so that is a fact, we have seen about 60% increase in the past several months.”

This opinion piece was written by Jeremy Porter on June 1, 2022. 

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