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Fox News Goes All In On Pride Month, Embraces LGBTQ Agenda Of Transitioning Kids

The Fox News Channel (FNC), once considered the only news station that actually delivered news without an extreme bias, has moved far from their roots of the “fair and balanced” era of Bill O’Reilly.

This week, an entire segment of national news on FNC was allotted to a family who has advocated for their young daughter’s [1] gender dysphoria and allowed her to “transition [to a boy] as soon as possible” when she was almost too young to even read. Their daughter, now called Ryland, is now 14 years old and considered a boy.

FNC’s Bryan Llenas complimented the family on air for the “extraordinary courage displayed by Ryland, his sister Bryn, father Jeff, and mom Hillary.” Further, Llenas claimed that we are in a time where “transgender issues have been politicized.” Which Red Voice Media agrees with, but definitely not for the same reasons that FNC seems to be condoning.

“People are afraid of what they do not understand,” Llenas concluded. “This family hopes their story will lead to more understanding, more acceptance, and ultimately more love.”

Almost no one who doesn’t believe in chemically altering a child advocates for or admits to not loving them. The far-left uses this talking point to push their agenda, saying that anyone who disagrees that gender dysphoria should be “cured” by hormone injections is hateful, transphobic, and, somehow, a white supremacist.

But that’s far from the truth. Most would agree: Love them. Love them hard. And lead them to the truth.

Not good enough, says Fox News.

FNC says that conservatives are “politicizing” transgender “issues,” apparently using them to push whatever narrative Bryan Llenas and whoever ok’d this story at FNC thinks they’re trying to push. Never mind that the far-left has vomited transgender LGBTQLMNOP agenda all over TV, movies, the internet, and, worst of all, our schools.

Jeff and Hillary Whittington have caught national attention for their decision to inject their daughter with hormones and dress her like a boy when she was five years old. FIVE years old.

The family has monetized on the endeavor quite nicely, with a documentary, Raising Ryland [2], a book deal [3] of the same title, a YouTube video [4] with over eight million views, and countless local interviews [1] as well as national. And now they can add one more to that tally thanks to “conservative” Fox News.

In the video, featured below, Hillary discusses what the interviewer calls her “conservative faith,” saying that she believes God makes people perfectly, and so her five-year-old daughter saying she thinks she’s a boy must be the Lord telling her that she’s actually a boy.

Interestingly, that’s the exact same argument Christians make regarding gender dysphoria, saying that God wouldn’t make a mistake when creating a person exactly as they are. Humans do, however, experience mental illness that may need expert attention.

And, certainly, a five-year-old child does not understand anything just written. Because they’re five.

In 2016, Jeff Whittington said [1] of people who disagree with the family’s decision to chemically and hormonally alter their daughter, “They think that this is something that just happened overnight. We just made this split-second decision and our son said, ‘I feel like a boy.’ And we said great. And that wasn’t the case.”