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Hillary Clinton Tells Dems to Drop Issues Like Trans Rights if They Want to Win Elections

During the 2016 Presidential election, the Democrats put all their hope in candidate and former First Lady Hillary Clinton. Through her entire campaign, the Democrats and polls showed her beating GOP candidate Donald Trump. But in historic fashion, Trump would end up winning the election. While Hillary seemed to disappear from the spotlight after her loss, she has made somewhat of a resurgence over the last few months giving her thoughts about what the future might hold. Recently, while speaking with the Financial Times [1], Hillary explained how the Democrats needed to drop unpopular issues like transgender rights if they wanted to win elections. 

Discussing the party she has promoted for decades, Hillary said, “We are standing on the precipice of losing our democracy, and everything that everybody else cares about then goes out the window. Look, the most important thing is to win the next election. The alternative is so frightening that whatever does not help you win should not be a priority.” She also criticized the defund the police movement that was supported by Black Lives Matter. “You need accountable measures. But you also need policing. It doesn’t even pass the common-sense politics test not to believe that. Some positions are so extreme on both the right and the left that they retreat to their corners. Politics should be the art of addition not subtraction.” 

It wasn’t long before liberal activists filled the comment section, completely attacking Hillary’s stance. “Hillary Clinton is a terf. Always has been. Her recent comment about not making trans issues an important issue in Democratic races is not because she just wants to win votes, it’s because she actually hates the trans community. Don’t get it twisted.”

Other comments included: