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Jill Biden Whines About Joe’s Presidency – He ‘Had So Many Hopes And Plans For Things He Wanted To Do’

While speaking at a Democrat fundraiser over the weekend, the First Lady Jill Biden whined about her husband’s presidency, claiming that President Joe Biden has not been able to do all the things he had planned because of unforeseen circumstances.

The Washington Times [1] reported that while speaking to a few dozen attendees at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser that was held at a private home in Nantucket, Massachusetts, Jill claimed that things like the war in Ukraine, gun violence, and the Supreme Court have gotten in the way of her husband’s agenda.

“He had so many hopes and plans for things he wanted to do, but every time you turned around, he had to address the problems of the moment,” Jill said.

“He‘s just had so many things thrown his way,” she continued. “Who would have ever thought about what happened [with the Supreme Court overturning] Roe v. Wade? Well, maybe we saw it coming, but still, we didn’t believe it. The gun violence in this country is absolutely appalling. We didn’t see the war in Ukraine coming.”

Jill went on to express her frustrations about her own time as First Lady.

“I was saying to myself, ‘OK, I was second lady. I worked on community colleges. I worked on military families. I’ve worked on cancer.’ They were supposed to be my areas of focus,” she said. “But then when we got [in the White House] I had to be, with all that was happening, the first lady of the moment.”

Fox News [2] host Dana Perino responded by pointing out that Jill used the past tense when talking about her husband’s presidency, despite the fact that he has nearly two years left in his first term.

“That really is interesting,” Perino said. “She’s basically saying the presidency is kind of over and there is no hope – There was no ‘but we’ve got this, and here’s what we’re going to do, and you’ve got to be with us.'”

“I do love how, you know, you got inflation, you got war, you got crime, but the real victim here is Joe,” her co-host Greg Gutfeld said in agreement. “I mean, it would be nice not to have inflation, not to be supporting a war with billions [of dollars], not to be riddled with crime for America’s sake, for our sake, not because the president is not shining as a valuable leader, but it is a remarkable confession on her part: She’s basically saying that her husband was not the man for the moment.”

Gutfeld added that Jill was effectively saying that her husband would be more popular were it not for “challenges” and crises.

“Well, a jar of pickles would be great if there were no challenges,” he stated. “During times of prosperity, it’s kind of an interesting thing… the left relies on Republicans to kind of keep things going so that they can chase the folly: the pronouns, the silliness. But now they have to put all their silliness on hold because all the real problems are falling apart under Joe, and they’re kind of upset by that.”

This comes as President Biden’s approval ratings are lower than ever.