Eric Trump Reveals How FBI’s Mar-A-Lago Raid Really Went Down – Agents Searched Through Melania’s Clothes

He would be "thrilled" to know if the warrant was even valid.

The FBI outrageously raided the Mar-A-Lago estate of former President Donald Trump on Monday, and his son Eric is speaking out to reveal the shocking way that it really happened.

Eric told Daily Mail that around 30 agents arrived at the Florida property and asked staff to turn security cameras off, but they refused. This has allowed the Trump family to see how the agents conducted their search, and what they saw is disturbing. One such area that the agents inexplicably searched was Melania’s personal wardrobe, going through her clothing.

Eric began by saying that Christina Bobb, his father’s attorney, was forced to stand at the end of the driveway during the raid.

“There’s 30 agents there,” he recalled. “They told our lawyer… you have to leave the property right now. Turn off all security cameras. They would not give her the search warrant. So they showed it to her from about 10 feet away. They would not give her a copy of the search warrant.”

Eric added that he would be “thrilled” to know if the warrant was even valid.

Bobb said that she was confused when she was not allowed to see the warrant.

“When I arrived and kind of announced myself as the legal representation for President Trump. I asked to see a copy of the warrant,” Bobb said. “Initially they refused and said, ‘You know, we don’t have to show it to you.'”

“And there was a little bit of an exchange about whether it was appropriate to withhold the warrant when you’re searching the residence of the former president, who’s likely to be the Republican nominee in the next election, though they conceded and let me see it, they did not give me a copy of it right away, but they did let me see it,” she continued.

“It was very, I would say, thin,” she said of the document. “And as you can tell from public records, the affidavit, the supporting documentation of what the probable cause was to obtain the warrant has been sealed.”

Eric firmly believes that President Joe Biden approved the raid himself.

“Do you think that the FBI director is going to raid the former president’s house, especially a house as you know, kind of world renowned as Mar Lago is in a place as public as Mar Lago is without getting the approval of President [Biden]?” he stated.

Eric also said that by not turning off the security cameras, the family could see that agents were in areas where they “shouldn’t have been.” Agents searched the master bedroom, which is known as the Versailles Room, a room that Melania renovated two years ago. They also allegedly went through the former First Lady’s wardrobe and searched through clothing.

Bobb described the raid as a “weird flex” by the FBI.

“No, there is no security that something wasn’t planted,” she stated. “I’m not saying that’s what they did. his was a completely unnecessary power flex. It was a weird flex. It’s quite honestly sad to see what they have done to our country.”

Republicans everywhere are united in believing that this raid was wrong. In the end, it may backfire on the left, because it has brought the right together more than ever before.

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