Ghislaine Maxwell Has Befriended With Infamous Female Murderer In Florida Prison

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Ghislaine Maxwell, the former madam of the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, is currently serving a 20 year prison sentence in Florida for her alleged role in his sex crimes. New reports have since revealed that Maxwell has made a new friend in her prison in the form of one of the most notorious female killers in Florida.

The Daily Mirror reported that Maxwell, 60, has become friends with 65 year-old Narcy Novack, who is feared by her fellow inmates after she had her hotel heir husband and mother-in-law murdered.

“Once inside, Ghislaine gravitated towards Narcy,” a source said. “Because of her length of time inside and the brutality of her crime, she is treated like a female don. All the younger girls address her as ‘Miss Novack’ out of respect.”

“Ghislaine will have a modicum of protection through her friendship, but given their ages and millionaire backgrounds, they were always destined to get on well,” the insider added. “Together, they spend hours talking, laughing and joking.”

While Maxwell was born into a life of wealth and privilege, Novack ruthlessly worked her way up in the world through stripping and sex. She met millionaire playboy Ben Novack Jr. in her strip club, and eventually married him in 1991. From then on, she became a stereotypical trophy wife, splurging on jewelry and living in a $2.7 million home.

In 2009, Novack had her 52-year-old husband and his mother Bernice, 86, murdered by hitmen three months apart in a plot that was arranged by her bus driver brother Cristobal Veliz. Bernice was the widow of Ben Novack Sr., who owned the legendary Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel, a celebrity hotspot in Florida that was favored by the likes of Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe.

Police found that Bernice had been beaten to death with a monkey wrench, and Ben Jr. was bludgeoned to death in his sleep with dumbbells. After he was dead, Novack ordered the hit men to gouge his eyes out so that he could never look at another woman again, even in death.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Elliott Jacobson described Novack and her brother as “pathological liars,” adding that “they are ­extraordinarily dangerous sociopaths.” After finding out that her husband was having an affair with the porn star Rebecca Bliss, Novack became terrified that he would leave her and she’d end up struggling again, so she hatched the plot to murder him and his mother.

“If I can’t have him, no one will,” she allegedly said.

Novack was sentenced to live in prison without the possibility of parole, and she is being held at the Federal Correctional Institution Tallahassee in Tallahassee, Florida. That’s where Maxwell was recently sent to serve out her twenty year prison sentence for recruiting young girls for sex with Epstein, and sometimes participating in the abuse herself. Epstein allegedly committed suicide in prison back in August of 2019 while awaiting trial on his own sex crime charges.

Many will likely not be surprised to see that Maxwell has befriended someone like Novack. Perhaps Novack can convince Maxwell to reveal some of the other powerful figures who may have been involved in Epstein’s crimes.

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