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Michelle Obama Teams Up With Climate Groups To Mobilize Young Voters Before Midterms

The former First Lady Michelle Obama, who has long claimed that she has no interest in politics, has teamed up with climate and community organizations to mobilize young voters before the midterm elections in November.

The Hill [1] reported that Michelle’s initiative When We All Vote has joined forces with environmental organization Climate Power in an effort to mobilize young voters on the issue of climate change ahead of the midterms. This effort will reportedly cost at least $1 million, with around $200,000 of that being spent on voter registration, and the rest going to advertising.

It is expected that this effort will focus on the Inflation Reduction Act, Democrats’ climate, tax and health care bill that was enacted last month.

“With passage of the Inflation Reduction Act’s historic investments in climate action, we have an unprecedented opportunity to motivate young people to turn out to the polls,” said Lori Lodes, Climate Power’s executive director.

The effort will feature a website that allows people to check [2] their voter registration, find their polling place, and promise to vote this year.

“We know the power of youth voters in 2020 led to the biggest investment in climate action in history,” said Stephanie L. Young, Executive Director of When We All Vote, said in the press release obtained by Fox News [3]. “When We All Vote is dedicated to doing our part to ensure every youth voter is ready to use their voice to create the change they need to succeed.”

This comes days after Michelle starred in a video produced by When We All Vote that was meant to encourage black voters to get registered and head to the ballot boxes.

“It’s great news that more Black Americans were eligible to vote in the last presidential election than ever before,” Michelle said in the video. “But, at the same time, eligibility doesn’t mean those ballots will actually be cast — especially when in some places, it’s getting harder and harder to vote.”

The video also starred Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul, who said, “We’re seeing polling places closed down, early voting hours cut, folks being purged from the voting rolls.”

“Who would have thought that in 2022, our right to vote would still be under threat?” he added. “Luckily, we still have the chance to show up and show that the power still lies in our hands.”

Paul serves as a co-chairman for When We All Vote, which has announced that it will partner with the Black dating app BLK to launch an “in-app election center,” according to Wavy [12].

When We All Vote added that the election center is a “digital hub designed to shift the culture of voting and politics in the Black community, amplify voices of Black voters and drive Black voter registration.”

Rumors have long swirled that Michelle may run for president, as polls have long shown that she is so popular that she would likely trounce most candidates. Despite her activism trying to get people to vote, however, she has long claimed that she has no interest in going into politics herself. She’s also claimed that her When We All Vote organization is bipartisan, even though it’s clear that the organization is really just interested in recruiting liberal voters.