Melania Trump Ranks Highly on List of Most Admired Women

The left-wing media and Democrat machine has done everything in its power to de-legitimize and humiliate First Lady Melania Trump. But this weekend, the first lady has much to be proud of.

According to a report in Newsweek, a YouGov poll reveals Mrs. Trump is currently the third most admired woman in the United States. She beat out failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as well as her own stepdaughter, Ivanka Trump. Her predecessor Michelle Obama, however, took first place in the poll. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg also beat out Mrs. Trump, and was ranked in second place behind Michelle Obama.

The statistics show that Mrs. Trump’s popularity has risen quickly over the last few years. Her ranking jumped seven places from the same poll conducted last year.

Hillary Clinton’s place in the rankings have dropped significantly over the last year, showing that the American people no longer favor her. She dropped four places over the last 12 months.

Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump didn’t even make the ranking’s top 10; she placed at number 11.

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Last year, actress Angelina Jolie was the most admired woman in the nation according to YouGov.

Donald Trump is the nation’s second-most admired man, according to YouGov–only after former President Barack Obama.

Melania Trump has been harshly criticized in the media for nearly every public action she has taken as First Lady. Perhaps the moment when she received the most heat was when she flew to Texas to visit migrant children wearing a coat that said, “I Really Don’t Car, Do U?” across the back.

She has also come under scrutiny for wearing expensive designer clothing when the average American can hardly afford to pay their own bills.

Still, the American people seem to increasingly admire the First Lady. Melania’s action as First Lady have been a stark contrast to those of Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama took an active role in policy while Melania has chosen to stay stoic and quiet regarding controversial issues and policy, as to not alienate members of the public. She has remained strong and dignified in the face of the many attacks her husband and family has endured from left-wing journalists.

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