Donald Trump Roasts Left-Wing NYT Reporter: ‘Obama Flunky’

Since the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency, the New York Times has appeared to become increasingly left-wing in its reporting and editorial pieces. While the publication used to pride itself on reporting the facts, today it flagrantly runs anti-Trump pieces on the daily.

Trump, never one to take an attack lying down, has been a vocal critic of the Times and its left-wing bent. Today the president targeted one of its reporters, Peter Baker calling him an “Obama flunky.”

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Baker wrote a positive biography of President Barack Obama that didn’t sell particularly well. Trump said on Twitter, “I would like very much to stop referring to this ridiculous story, but the LameStream Media just won’t let it alone.”

He added, “They always have to have the last word,” then labeling Baker as an “Obama flunky.”

His comments on Twitter came after various media attacks on his claims that Hurricane Dorian could, in fact, have an impact on the state of Alabama.

Trump said an article written by Baker is “FAKE NEWS.”

Baker’s other left-wing colleagues at the Times have come out in his defense. Maggie Haberman, a staunch critic of the president, called her colleague a “class act,” and said Trump’s tweet “is about as accurate as the Sharpie map.”

Meanwhile, the public’s trust in the media–including the New York Times–continues to hit all-time lows. The New York Times, the Washington Post, and cable outlets like CNN have become flagrant in their anti-Trump slant since the 2016 election. The increase in bias media coverage has undoubtably contributed to the polarization of Americans when it comes to their political views.

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