Ilhan Omar’s Husband Reportedly Seeking Divorce After Her Alleged Affair Is Exposed

Days after Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar was accused of having an affair with one of her married aides, new reports are coming in stating that her husband Ahmed Hirsi is preparing to file for divorce because of the bombshell revelation.

A source close to the couple told The New York Post that Hirsi is poised to file for divorce after Omar was accused of having an affair with her aide Tim Mynett by the political consultant’s wife Dr. Beth Jordan Mynett in a divorce filing. In the filing, Beth claimed that her husband told her he was leaving her back in April, and he said the reason was because he was in love with Omar.

The source, who has known both Omar and Hirsi for over 20 years, said that the couple actually separated back in March. At the time, Omar reportedly asked Hirsi to file for divorce because she did not want to file the papers, but he refused and told her she had to do it herself if she wanted to divorce him.

However, Hirsi reportedly changed his mind after Beth’s divorce filing came out and Omar’s affair was exposed. Now, Hirsi is furious because he believes Omar has made him look like a fool by having an affair with her own aide.

“I’m surprised he hasn’t filed already,” the source said adding that Hirsi was “very confused” after the affair was revealed. The insider went on to say that Hirsi still loves Omar and was reluctant to expose their three children to a public divorce battle.

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In an August 27 interview, Omar insisted that she still lives with Hirsi and denied having an affair with Tim. The source said that this was a lie, however, since Omar moved out of their home and into a luxury condo in downtown Minneapolis back in March. In fact, the source described Omar and Hirsi’s split as an “open secret” in town.

The home the couple and their children shared in Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, which is nicknamed “Little Mogadishu” for its large Somali population, looked to be abandoned when a reporter with The Post visited this week. The reporter said that the curtains were drawn and cobwebs were even growing over the front porch.

This isn’t the first time Omar’s marriage has been dragged into a scandal. She has previously been accused of marrying her own brother before marrying Hirsi to skirt immigration laws.

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