Jim Jordan Shreds CNN’s Jake Tapper: ‘It’s Not Gymnastics, It’s Facts!’

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan clashed with CNN host Jake Tapper during a discussion about President Donald Trump’s comments to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Tapper asked Jordan if he has any problem with what the whistleblower report and the conversation between Trump and the Ukrainian president, during which Trump asked about the nation’s efforts to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. Jordan said that the Democrats are impeaching because they can’t get over the “phony Russian collusion investigation,” and said “there’s nothing there” with regards to the most recent “scandal.”

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Tapper tried to argue that Trump’s view that Biden abused his power as Vice President to help his son Hunter is “inaccurate.” He eventually asked Jordan, “You don’t have any problem with the President of the United States leveraging his power to push a foreign leader to investigate a political rival?”

Jordan said the whistleblower had an anti-Trump bias, to which Tapper responded by saying “there’s no evidence” of bias in the complaint. The host then said that the Acting Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, claimed the whistleblower’s complaint is supported by the memorandum.

Jordan pointed out that the president has every reason to be concerned about leaks in his administration, and then pointed out that Hunter Biden abused his father’s position of power to gain power, influence, and money for himself.

Tapper, who appear to be vigorously defending the left-wing argument, said “the Ukrainian prosecutor says there’s no evidence of wrongdoing” in connection with Biden.

Jordan then pointed out that Hunter sat on the board of an oil and gas company that was being investigated by a prosecutor; Joe Biden then called the Ukraine, and demanded that prosecutor be fired before the nation would receive aid. “Daddy came running to the rescue,” Jordan said.

“That’s not what happened!” Tapper screamed.

“It’s amazing what gymnastics you guys will go through to defend [Biden.]” Jordan responded.

Tapper screamed, “It’s not gymnastics! It’s facts! And I would think somebody who’s been accused of things in the last year or two would be more sensitive about throwing out wild allegations against people.”

Tapper than changed subjects by grilling Jordan about Trump’s children, who are currently being scrutinized by Democrats for their own business dealings.

CNN has come under fire by Trump and his supporters over the last several years for being flagrant in its bias against the president. While in the past the network has claimed to be “middle of the road,” today it almost exclusively tows the left-wing line.

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