Lewandowski Crushes CNN Host During Contentious Segment

Corey Lewandowski, President Trump’s former campaign manager, battled with CNN host Alisyn Camerota on Wednesday after he said a day earlier that he didn’t have an obligation to be honest during media interviews.

Camerota, known to be a critic of Trump, pressed Lewandowski on comments he made during the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearings yesterday. She asked whether Americans should ever trust Lewandowski during public appearances.

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She asked, “Do you lie to the media? What is the answer? Yes or no?”

Trump’s former campaign manager responded, “I’ve answered your question. I’m as honest as I can be as often as I can be.”

Camerota shot back, “Corey, that’s not good enough. That’s not good enough.”

On Tuesday, during the House impeachment hearings, Lewandowski infuriated Democrats when he said, “I have no obligation to be honest to the media. They’re just as dishonest as anybody else. … When under oath, I have always told the truth.”

Lewandowski left CNN, where he was signed as a contributor, when it was reported that Trump’s campaign was still paying Lewandowski’s strategy firm, Green Monster Consulting, for “strategy consulting.” The firm made $40,000 in consulting fees in July and August, 2016. The Trump campaign responded by saying the payments were part of a severance package.

Many leftists were upset that CNN invited Lewandowski on the network after his comments before the House members on Tuesday.

Michael Calderone, HuffPost’s senior media reporter, said, “Lewandowski says yesterday he has ‘no obligation’ to be candid with the media — and gets booked today on CNN,” complaining that the network “gave Lewandowski a platform to defend Trump while he was still paid by the campaign.”

Liberal blogger Judd Legum wrote on Twitter, “This is embarrassing.”

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