Hillary Announces New Hulu Documentary and Gets Instantly Savaged Online

Hillary took to Twitter where she announced her upcoming Hulu documentary chronicling her life (of crime) and the backlash was instant!

By Sophie O’Hara | January 17, 2020

It’s been nearly four years and Hillary Clinton still can’t get over the loss of the 2016 election. It’s as if this miserable woman is living in some pathetic time-warp.

She reminds me of Al Bundy, the high school football star who is still reliving his one great touchdown from forty years ago.

But the sad part is that she’s subjecting all of us to her 2016 obsession. It’s like she just won’t go away!

Today, Hillary took to Twitter where she announced her upcoming Hulu documentary chronicling her life (of crime).

Her tweet read:

“I’ve got the kind of life you can’t make up. ”

Needless to say, Hillary was instantly shredded for her tweet phrasing and her inability to LET IT GO!

Please lady, go back into the woods where you belong!

“she will never sit behind the desk in the Oval Office…even Monica Lewinsky got closer to it than she did”

“You’ve got the kind of life that involves never being president. I’m quite content with that.”

“Yea, a horror movie. With more conveniently dead bodies than 5 seasons of Law and Order.”

“Will it feature a segment on your crimes in Haiti?”

“Is it a murder mystery?”

“I’m going to fast forward to the part where you lose the presidency to @realDonaldTrump”

“Crooked Hillary says: One of my main achievements in life has been how to learn to live with a cheating sexual predator snake of a husband, who kept a second home at Epstein’s Orgy Island.”

“You can’t make this up”

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