Chris Wallace Confronts Kellyanne Conway: ‘Please Answer My Question’

Many of President Donald Trump’s supporters have turned on the Fox News Channel over the last few years, accusing the network of becoming more leftist in its coverage and practices. The changes seem to have started when the network fired Bill O’Reilly, followed by Eric Bolling–both vocal supporters of the president.

Meanwhile, several longtime Fox anchors like Neil Cavuto, Chris Wallace, and Shepard Smith (who has since left the network), have become more skeptical in their coverage of the Trump Administration.

Yesterday Wallace interviewed Kellyanne Conway and repeatedly pressed her on several big issues relating to the Department of Justice.

Referencing Andrew McCabe, who was not charged with a crime, Wallace asked Conway, “Does [POTUS] think that Mccabe should be prosecuted?”

Conway said that Trump is unhappy because left-wingers like McCabe get let off the hook while conservatives like Roger Stone get unfairly strict sentences. She called McCabe a lying leaker and argued he needed to be held accountable.

Wallace asked a second time, “Does the president think the McCabe case should be reopened and he should be prosecuted?”

Conway continued to try to make her point, but Wallace cut her off and said, “Please answer my question.”

He repeated, “Does the president think the McCabe case be reopened?”

Conway responded, “The president thinks that Andy McCabe should have been punished because he lied and he led several times to the investigators and many people feel the same way.

Next, Wallace pressed conway on Attorney General William Barr stating that the president’s tweets make his job difficult to do. He asked, “Will Mr. Trump, going forward, respect Barr’s request for him to stop commenting on current cases, whether it’s in terms of on the air, public statements, or tweets?”

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