Trump Denies Pelosi A Handshake As He Arrives At State Of The Union

When President Donald Trump arrived his State of the Union speech moments ago, he denied Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as she offered him her hand for a handshake.

As Trump handed Pelosi a copy of his speech, she extended her hand for a handshake, but Trump did not take it. Instead of giving her a handshake, Trump turned around, leaving the California Democrat hanging.

Tensions between Trump and Pelosi have been high ever since she led the charge in the House of Representatives impeaching him. This speech comes one day before the Senate is set to end the impeachment trial with an acquittal, clearing Trump of any wrongdoing when it comes to his phone call with Ukraine.

After Trump turned away from Pelosi, he was greeted with cheers from the Republican side of the audience, who began chanting “four more years.”

We will update you further as this story develops.

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