Greta Van Susteren Confronts MSNBC Anchor Over MyPillow Guy: ‘What is Wrong With You?’

Former Fox News host Greta van Susteren confronted a liberal MSNBC host who based Mike Lindell, the owner of My Pillow, after Lindell announced during a White House presser that his company would be producing 50,000 masks per day to help with the coronavirus pandemic.

When Lindell spoke at a Rose Garden press conference on Tuesday, mainstream media pundits used it as an opportunity to trash him and the fact that he was there.

Lindell was invited to speak at the White House about how his company will be using their resources and facilities to make masks for medical professionals. He also mentioned his faith, and God, which media figures mocked him for.

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MSNBC’s Ali Velshi made a snarky and rude comment about Lindell offering his assistance:

Van Susteren was quick to respond. She tweeted back, “Why do you mock ANYONE who would help in any way? What is wrong w/ you?”

Velshi responded that there are “lots of people doing things.”

Greta responded again:

Then Velshi said for the first time that he is “grateful” for Lindell’s efforts–but then asked if he was only invited to speak because he is a Trump donor. “Because asking THAT question on behalf of the public IS our job,” he said, even though his first tweet was a snarky attempt to make fun of Lindell in a mean-spirited way.

Some of Greta’s former co-workers at Fox chimed in as well.


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