Dem Leaders Brutally Mocked For Looking Like “Hostages” While Kneeling Before Protesters

They look like hostages...and that's because they are political and social justice hostages.

OPINION: I don’t have an issue with anyone protesting. Honestly, this country was founded on protest. Protest to your heart’s content.

What I do have an issue with is protests turning into opportunities to loot businesses, beat (and kill) innocent people, and push your political agenda down everyone’s collective throat, while the lying propaganda media pretends this all amazing and wonderful.

A protest should not make others subservient. A protest should not force people to “bow” or bend the knee and accept a political cause. A protest, if it is just and righteous and true, can stand on its own merits without all the theatrics and nonsense that we’re seeing now.

Watching anyone “kneel” before a man or a political cause sickens me. It’s weakness, fear, and guilt. It’s not “taking a knee” for police brutality. It’s bending the knee to the communist mob.

We’ve gone from protesting the death of George Floyd to bending the knee and submitting to the will of the mob. When we see military, or police, or politicians “bending the knee,” we don’t see people committing to “end police brutality.” We see people submitting to the communist mob.

Take a look at this group of Democrat leaders, led by VA Senator Tim Kaine, kneeling at Mr. Floyd’s memorial.

They look like hostages…and that’s because they are hostages. Political and Social Justice hostages.

“I am afraid and therefore unquestioningly obedient.”

“I stand to profit and therefore am willingly complicit.”

Or “I desperately want to get re-elected and will do absolutely anything to retain power. I have no scruples.”

“Never surrender to the “woke” outrage mobs… nothing is ever “good enough” for them. As soon as you bow down, they’ll tell you to kneel.”

“Weak humans… I’d say men but I don’t want to assume… and they’re far from…”

“Is THIS what the people of VIRGINIA want representing them? I would move from that state so fast…Absolutely disgusting.”

I am truly sickened at how Mr. Floyd was treated. Nobody should have to go through what he did. I still can’t watch the video, it breaks my heart.

I believe Mr. Floyd and his family deserve justice and I pray that they receive it.

This opinion piece was written by Missy Crane on June 6, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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