Tucker Just Sounded the Alarm Like Never Before – Warns of Impending Apocalypse

This 2020 election is the most important of our entire lifetime...this is do or die time.

OPINION: Tucker Carlson is sounding the alarm, louder than he’s ever sounded it before.

He warned that the Democratic Party “can remake the country” if they succeed with plans to do away with the filibuster rule in Congress. Tucker explained how Democrats keep pushing to do away with the filibuster. The Democrats are looking for total and complete control of the country by removing the U.S. Senate procedure that was put in place by the Founders.

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“For more than two centuries, the U.S. Senate has required the support of at least 60 senators before they pass major pieces of legislation,” Carlson began his monologue on Tuesday.

“That makes for a cumbersome system. It requires compromise and patience. It delays the passage of laws. But it has endured through the centuries, despite the leadership of the body,” he added.

The standard of 60 votes, often referred to as ‘the filibuster rule’ has never changed. We’ve had it since 1806 when Thomas Jefferson was the president,” Carlson continued.

“Why is that? It’s not just because U.S. senators tend to be pompous and mindlessly wedded to tradition, though, obviously they are,” he said. “It’s because this is a democracy. Sober people know that before you make big changes to a country, you had better be certain that a large majority of your citizens support what you’re doing. That’s the principle behind our entire system of government.”

Carlson noted that this long-range vision and thoughts about the lasting consequences of decisions are why a requirement for a supermajority in the Senate has existed for 214 years of America’s history.

“It’s not just an arcane piece of Senate procedure. It’s central to the way the country works,” he told viewers before painting a picture of another potential scenario.

“But what would happen, if suddenly, people with very different attitudes, took control of our system? What if these new people didn’t care about the wisdom or long term consequences of the things they did?” Carlson wondered.

“What if they didn’t believe in democracy? What if they considered debate and persuasion and winning people over, pointless? Even immoral? And instead, they intended to rule by force,” he continued. “What if all these people cared about was power?”

You can watch the video below:

We cannot afford to become complacent. It’s time to rally around Donald Trump and fight for him as we’ve never fought before because trust me when I say this: The alternative is likely the death of everything we love and hold dear.

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