Tucker Carlson Under Fire – Calls for Host to Be Fired for Segment ‘Justifying’ Kenosha Shooting

Fox News star Tucker Carlson is under fire again. Liberals are demanding he be fired after the host’s controversial segment last night about the shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin several nights ago that left two dead.

A 17-year-old gunned down two Black Lives Matter protesters as the city went up in flames. There were no cops to be found as protesters burned businesses down; the 17-year-old was on site to help protect a gas station from looting and arson.

Carlson said, “Kenosha has devolved into anarchy, the authorities in charge of the city abandoned it. People in charge, from the governor of Wisconsin on down, refused to enforce the law. They stood back and watched Kenosha burn. So are we really surprised this looting and arson accelerated to murder? How shocked are we that 17-year-olds with rifles decided they had to maintain order when no one else would? Everyone can see what was happening in Kenosha. It was getting crazier by the hour.”

Within minutes of his monologue, the left-wing cries for Carlson to be fired began.

Some headlines took Carlson’s comments out-of-context. The Daily Beast ran a headline that said, “Tucker Carlson Justifies Kenosha Shootings: Vigilante Kid Did What ‘No One Else Would.”

Tens of thousands of people took to Twitter demanding the network fire him.


Tucker is Fox News’s most popular host–by far. If the network fires him, they will see a large decline in viewership.

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