‘The View’ Erupts When Kim Klacik Calls Out Joy Behar for Blackface

Republican Maryland congressional candidate Kim Klacik appeared on ‘The View,’ and it didn’t take long for things to get heated.

Following a discussion about the impact of the coronavirus on the black community, Klacik took aim at host Joy Behar for previously wearing blackface.

Sarah Haines asked Klacik, “We see how the virus has disproportionately affected the African-American community. Do you think continually downplaying the threat cost lives?” Haines asked.

Klacik admitted that the black community has been more heavily impacted, especially in places like her district in Baltimore. She added, “They don’t have what they need around them in their neighborhoods, and so yeah. I believe a coronavirus pandemic would affect us more. Look at my campaign ad. Look at the living conditions. That would affect us more, absolutely. That’s why I’m running for office.”

Behar interrupted, “Come on, Kim. Excuse me. [Trump] told Bob Woodward that it was a very serious issue, and it’s airborne and that it was terrible, and then he went out and told the American people, don’t wear masks. It’s all going to go away. You have to put some blame on your president. I’m sorry. You’re putting it on something extraneous.”

Klacik shot back, “Is this Joy speaking? The same Joy that paraded around in blackface not too long ago?”

“That’s not true. Excuse me — excuse me,” Behar said. “The black community had my back. They know that that was not blackface. That was an homage. Oh, please.”

Klacik said the black community has her back as well, but then Sunny Hostin interrupted and said, “The black community did not vote for you. The black community did not vote for you. What planet are you living on?”

“Sunny, can I speak?” Klacik pointed out that the special election had taken place when Maryland was still locked down due to the pandemic.

In a sarcastic and demeaning tone, Hostin said, “Wow. Wow.”

Klacik continued trying to speak, but Behar cut the segment short, saying, “Listen, Kim, good luck to you. Thanks to Kim Klacik. We’ll be right back.”

As the segment concluded, Klacik said, “That was very immature, but thank you for having me.”

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