Desperate Michelle Obama Plays Race Card on Trump Even Though She Spent Eight Years with Creepy Bigoted Biden

It's amazing, isn't it, what people will do for power. And money. And to keep their fake reputations intact. And to keep their friends out of jail.

OPINION: It’s amazing, isn’t it, what people will do for power. And money. And to keep their fake reputations intact. And to keep their friends out of jail.

In order to save a lackluster Biden presidential campaign and to keep her friends out of jail because of the Russia hoax, former First Lady, Michelle Obama, had to get on the internet recently to try to save a failing Biden campaign.

In a 24-minute video that reeks of desperation, Michelle had two messages for everyone.

The first message was to tell every American that the violence and chaos will continue if Biden doesn’t win. She said Biden will put an end to all the chaos. She talked about the ending of the chaos throughout the entire video – but only if Biden is president.

Really? Does that mean that democrats are controlling the chaos? They certainly don’t want Trump using federal resources to stop the violence and the democratic mayors and governors won’t do anything. So how exactly will Biden stop the chaos??

The second message was to tell all people of color listening to her video that four more years of Trump will result in a knee on the neck for her black and brown friends.

Michelle’s repugnant and dishonest accusations about Trump being incompetent and racist filled the 24 minutes with her lies and race-baiting. She even repeated the lie that Trump called troops “suckers” and “losers.”

Hypocritical Michelle talked about how people are “being sold lies from those who want to get rich or stay in power or sometimes both.”

Yes, she was actually talking about herself, her husband and all of her democratic friends. That’s who democrats are. It’s what they do. They lie for power and money. It’s what the Obama administration and Crooked Hillary have been doing for years and years and years.

And years. 

So Michelle had a big job to accomplish with this video. 

Biden’s REAL poll numbers are obviously in the tank and the democrats must not think that their voting fraud, lawsuits and corruption are enough to win the election for Biden. 

Can they see the Trump landslide coming? 

My answer is yes after hearing the desperate words of Michelle in the video. 

She downplays the violence of the AntifaBLM democratic militia by telling everyone that Americans have been peacefully protesting racism and police violence. She complained that the president has been disparaging them, doubling down on division and resentment.

She said that “They’re stoking fears about black and brown Americans, lying about how minorities will destroy the suburbs, whipping up violence and intimidation, and they’re pinning it all on what’s been an overwhelmingly peaceful movement for racial solidarity. It’s true. Research backs it up. Only a tiny fraction of demonstrations have had any violence at all.” 

Michelle also pretends to have empathy for the white people who are being told that they only have success because of their white privilege. Instead of blaming her democratic friends who push this notion 24/7, she says that Trump is the one taking advantage of this situation and the anger it provokes. 

So that’s the democratic strategy, whether it’s violence or anything else. They start something, they are responsible for something, they keep it going until people are ticked off and then they blame Trump and/or the republicans for it. 

Rinse and repeat.

And they completely ignore reality even when it’s right in front of them.

In the video, Michelle says, “I know Joe. He is a good man.”

Seriously, Michelle? You were with him for eight years. You obviously know how racist and inappropriate Joe Biden really is. He sniffs women’s hair. He says offense things about people of color.

He can’t be out in public for more than ten minutes without putting his foot in his mouth.

We’ve ALL heard his racist words. Michelle surely saw much more. 

The Obamas also ignore Biden’s segregationist history for their own political gain. 

Kamala Harris was the one who pointed out Biden’s fight against student desegregation busing during the democratic primary. After meeting with an irate crowd in Delaware, he promised to oppose it when he went back to D.C. and did just that for four years, pushing legislation to stop it, including a bill sponsored by former Klansman and Senator Robert Byrd.

It’s always important for democrats to bring up the wicked racist past of their opponents – until it isn’t. Kamala is okay with Biden now even though in the primary she was on the verge of tears telling him that the busing issue was personal to her. 

Her voice almost broke in her rehearsed statement about how she was personally impacted by his stance on the issue. “There was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bused to school every day. That little girl was me.”

Michelle obviously doesn’t care about Biden’s racist voting record in his past – or the past or present racist comments that have come out of his mouth. She’s not concerned about him saying that his kids might grow up in a “racial jungle” and apparently her and Barack didn’t find it offensive when Biden called Obama “bright and clean.” As opposed to what? Are other black people not bright and clean?

Holding onto the race issue, Michelle continued to go full steam ahead in the video with the fear mongering for her black and brown friends by acting as if the whole country is racist. She told everyone to put themselves in the shoes of a black and brown person and be aware of how they wake up every day trying to be a good person but their efforts are met with “scorn by fellow citizens” and their president.

Yes, WE ARE ALL RACIST. Where have we heard this before?

Michelle said that suspicion is cast on people of color since the day they are born because of the hue of their skin. She looked into the camera and talked to people of color directly and said that they walk around in their own country “scared that someone’s unjustified fear of you could put you in harm’s way.” 

She explained how minorities are terrified of what four more years of this kind of division might mean for the safety of people of color and those they love. She said that they have to live with the knowledge that no matter how hard they try and how much good they do in the world, there are far too many who will never see their humanity.

The way Michelle talked, it sounds like she was describing the era of slavery or segregation (which, if you remember Biden was on board for).

But along the way we have figured out that Americans are pretty much only racist when a republican is in office. The rest of the time, things are pretty much on track. It’s an issue every four years.

Michelle went on to say that white people will project their own fears on them and see people of color as a threat to be restrained.

And then she warned, “And we know what happens next…”

What happens next, according to Michelle is “a racial slur from a passing car, a job promotion that never comes, a routine traffic stop gone wrong, maybe a knee to the neck.”

Then she wraps up her race baiting lecture by saying, “What would possibly compel you to accept this level of chaos, violence and confusion under this president and be willing to watch our country continue to spiral out of control?”

Hmmm…. sounds like the democrats are the ones propagating the racial division and violence to help Biden’s presidential campaign, doesn’t it?

Not that we have ever thought any different.

This opinion piece was written by Liberty Paige on October 8, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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