Kamala Harris Humiliated on Stage by Mike Pence During VP Debate

The Vice Presidential debate is currently underway, and Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris is having a bad night. Harris has come off as neurotic and angry, while Vice President Mike Pence has come off as steady and statesmanlike.

During the climate change topic, Harris claimed that she would not ban fracking. However, both she and Biden have said multiple times on record that they would ban fracking. Additionally, Harris co-sponsored the New Green Deal in the senate which bans fracking.

Within moments of Harris saying she wouldn’t ban fracking, President Trump tweeted a video showing proof that she has been on record stating she wants to ban it.

Pence called her out for it on the debate stage as well.

A vice presidential debate has never been more important than this one–especially since more than half of likely voters do not believe Biden would make it through his first term if elected president. Harris is

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