Trump Campaign Lawyer Jenna Ellis Owns Bill Maher

On Friday night, Donald Trump campaign legal adviser Jenna Ellis appeared on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher and it didn’t take long for things to get heated.

Maher, who is vehemently anti-Trump, spent 16 minutes on the show sparring with Ellis.

At one point, Maher attempted to corner Ellis by stating that world leaders around the globe are congratulating Joe Biden for being declared the president elect–including China.

Ellis responded, “Well, China is definitely congratulating Joe Biden because they know they can control him. Bejing Biden is something that really needs to be looked into.”

Rolling his eyes, Maher said, “I really walked into that one, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, you really did,” Ellis responded. “So China congratulating Biden is not a really good thing. But we have always had contested elections through the legal channels and through the recounts. And just because we have the Pope or somebody on media who is congratulating Joe Biden–no states have yet certified their results, and that’s all that we’re asking is that the results that are certified reflect the legitimate count. And I think that is absolutely fair and every American should agree to that–just as Al Gore as the Democrat candidate did in 2000.”

Throughout the interview, Maher interrupted Ellis and said, “Stop it. Just stop it.”

At one point Maher said to Ellis, “Aren’t you a little bit ashamed of how you’re denigrating the people who work so hard in the most difficult election in memory? They worked so hard to make this come out right.”

She said later in the show, “It’s a great day to defend the constitution.”

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